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  • Length3660 mm
  • Thickness1,1 mm
  • Width240 mm
  • выводить в разделе Range and Prices116
  • Actual panel square0,88 m²
  • Amount in a box20 items
  • Gross weight of a box36,676 kg
  • Blockhaus "Pistachios"


  • Blockhaus "Cream"


  • Blockhaus "Caramel"


  • Blockhaus "Lemon"


  • Blockhaus "Peach "


  • Blockhaus "Banana"



  • Low price

  • High service performance: resistance to decay, corrosion and fire;

  • Reliability: climate resistance, elasticity;

  • Easy to install, light weight;

  • Easy maintenance;

  • More than 650 dealers in Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

Natural wood has always been the most common and affordable material for house construction and decoration. Now houses made out of logs are considered luxury. There are various options of timber imitation, timber imitation of natural and polymer materials as well as siding in imitation of timber and log – blockhaus. Unfortunately, not all the proposed options seem worthy. What is it necessary to do in order to make the right choice and finish with blockhaus inexpensively so that the house does not look cheap?

Döcke offers a great way to turn your home into a fabulous house not spending substantial sum of money to build the log construction. Now you can buy a blockhouse from the producer - siding for a log Döcke.

Blockhaus siding is produced in colours imitating natural wood shades: banana, cream, caramel, pistachios, limon and peach. Expert designers consider these colours are perfect to decorate the Russian countryside architecture. You can use Blockhaus independently or in combination with other types of siding and any natural finishing materials.

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