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Facade Panels Stein

You are a great luxury addict, but also you would not mind to save some money? Döcke-R facade panels give you such an amazing opportunity. The STEIN panels have splendid appearance and luxurious texture of natural band sandstone. In European countries this material is commonly used both for residential buildings and construction of hotels, commercial buildings, the fences and foundations decoration. It is especially popular in Italy and Spain. We offer five natural colours - from milky to dark walnut. All the beauty of stone is to decorate your house. Don't be afraid being an artist - it's easy and entertaining, and the result will surprise both you and your family!


  • Overall length1196 mm
  • Overall width426 mm
  • Actual panel size0,44 m
  • Amount in a box 10
  • Dimension-type of a box1226х470х266
  • Gross weight of a box22,1 kg
  • Bronze

  • Dark Nut

  • Anthracite

  • Milky

  • Fall Wood

  • Amber

  • Basalt


  • Low price

  • High service performance: resistance to decay, corrosion and fire;

  • Reliability: climate resistance, elasticity;

  • Easy to install, light weight;

  • Easy maintenance;

  • More than 650 dealers in Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

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