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Facade panels Burg

BURG collection looks fashionable, but at the same time simple and even brutal. Indeed, the most popular trend in finishing industry is the basement siding imitating manually rough-hewn stone.

However, natural stone can be used for home decorating only if your house was originally intended for this. After all, the stone weight is considerable while the situation with Döcke-R facade panels is completely different. These panels weight is light and construction is stable, but at the same time the difference is almost indistinguishable from the natural material. Now it does not matter whether you work only with basement finishing or decorate the entire facade. Several years ago you could not afford it not only because of the high price for facade panels imitating stone, but also for unqualified production technology. Having finished large vertical areas, you had a risk to get a plastic-looking facade with repeating pattern. New Döcke painting and decorating technologies brought absolutely new view at the facade panels finishing in Russia. Heavy weight, expensive price and regular repair work pushed stone into the background. Feel free to use the Döcke-R BURG collection panels as basement siding or facade tile.


  • Overall length1072 mm
  • Overall width472 mm
  • Actual panel size0,42 m
  • Amount in a box 10
  • Dimension-type of a box1116510251 mm
  • Gross weight of a box19,6 kg
  • Wheat

  • White

  • Ashy

  • Corn

  • Flax

  • Olive

  • Sand

  • Dark

  • Platinum

  • Wool Colour


  • Low price

  • High service performance: resistance to decay, corrosion and fire;

  • Reliability: climate resistance, elasticity;

  • Easy to install, light weight;

  • Easy maintenance;

  • More than 650 dealers in Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

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